Thursday night in Denver

Denver Museum of Nature and Science -- Science Lounge part 2

The last Science Lounge we attended was all about outer space; this time we went on a scavenger hunt, Indiana Jones style. We had to solve puzzles at different stations within the museum, each time you answered correctly, you received a clue to find the ultimate treasure.  We were not quite as gung-ho as the other adventurers - I'm talking running through the museum - but we did eventually solve the puzzles, in a walking fashion, and felt pretty accomplished.  And yes, one of the challenges was digging a clue from a box of meal worms.  Sick.  Out.

adult beverages + a night at the museum + friends = a really great Thursday night in Denver. 


I don't have a choice, but I still choose you

It's a Civil Wars kind of day.
And since I can't go back to their concert, I am left listening to the album from Itunes, on repeat.

This song is really beautiful, in a haunting kind of way, if that makes any sense.  It just sticks with you.
And the video is really no exception.


PS - Can you believe they are married? Oh, and not to each other?! 


One word: IKEA!

We wanted to take a trip to Ikea while my parents and their trailer were still with us in Colorado, so the day after moving in, we made it to the GIGANTIC home store. 

I’ve had the Expedit bookshelf on my mind for a really long time (I blame the lusting mostly to Pinterest which makes it oh, so easy) and since online shopping isn’t available, we drove to the new Denver location.  New location = crazy town, though we pressed on.

We bought the bookshelf plus a few other things for the new apartment.  Look at the excitement on my face!  It was a hugely successful trip.

Once we got home my dad and Ryan got to work on the bookshelf…

I’m in love.


We made it

view from our patio
You all, we made it to Colorado!  Yeah!  Still no Internet, which explains my absence, but I'm finding coffee shops this week to catch up on E-mails and look for jobs (and watch the TV shows I missed, let's be honest).  First stop today was Starbucks because there is one within walking distance, but I'm hoping to find some local shops around town too.

I'll have more posts coming this week about decorating our new apartment, Ikea shopping(!), and our Sunday hike with the pup.

We are LOVING our new city and I can't wait to share more of it.

Here's a glance back at moving day...
It went a little something like this:

Moving Day Extravaganza from Kendra Grimm on Vimeo.


Saying, "See Ya Later"

We don't do goodbyes.
Only see ya later's!


We're Moving!

 We're moving to Denver, CO!

Ryan accepted a perfect-for-him job, so we will be saying goodbye to Oklahoma and helllooooo to Colorado next week!  Can't wait to share with you all the new sights and sounds and smells, our neighborhood, new favorite places to eat and explore, the list goes on and on.  Eeeeeeee!

(image via we heart it)


Get your Etsy On!

Today my dear friend Valerie opens her new Etsy shop, Dottie Adele!!

(You will remember her from our Skype sewing dates where we made scarves, a laptop cozy, groovy hostess aprons, and bloomers, among many other posts of our travels together.)  She has a beautiful collection of skirts, dresses, and tops in an array of colors.  I can't tell you how much thought and hard work went into each piece of clothing, it's a dream coming to life.  Val is an incredibly talented lady and I'm so excited for this opportunity for her to share her sewing talent and unique designs with each of you. 

-- Enter her giveaway she's hosting in celebration of the new shop --


Rainy Saturday

Oklahoma was graced by a thunderstorm this afternoon.

I knew it was coming solely from the smell in the air.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  It "smells like rain", as people say.  It's one of my favorite smells in the world.

Nothing made for a better Saturday evening than the sound of rainfall on the windows and The Princess Diaries on TV.  Not ashamed to say that I've always loved that movie.  Even own it on VHS!  You know, the bulky plastic tapes housed in even bigger puffy plastic cases.  Ah, the good ol' days.



attempting to // not melt away on the walk from my workplace to the car.  It's quite a feat, I'm telling you.

excited about // a lunch out today - maybe Red Cup or Big Truck Tacos?  Two of my OKC favorites.

listening to // Lissie - I really can't get enough of this girl. Specifically the song, "Record Collector" because it makes me want to dance every time I hear it.

loving // Harry Potter.. still...

hating // the little gray bugs that killed our zucchini plans, arrrg. 

looking forward to // my mom visiting next week! 

reading // a really engaging book titled Sarah's Key, which I just saw a movie preview for too.  Not that I'm complaining, but what is with all the books made into movies these days?? 

stumbled upon // paint chip art.  cheap? interesting? crafty?  yes, please.

watching // too much reality TV + the Kennedy's miniseries on Netflix. 

spending time // in the pool as much as possible!

*Currently... in June.