My Bucket List

My bucket list (as of 2005):
  • Squish grapes in a vineyard
  • Go inside the Louvre
  • Hike a trail
  • See the west coast
  • Go to NYC
  • Take a photography class
  • See Dave Matthews in concert
  • Volunteer at a nursing home
  • Research my family background
  • Find my true love  (aw, shucks)
  • Paint at least one picture

I can't believe I stumbled across this the other day.  I was pleasantly surprised I have accomplished so much from that list, accomplished things that were the most important to me when I made it. Surprisingly, all still important actually, 5 years later.   

Two of my favorite people are moving to California next week, which is so exciting, but I can't say I won't miss them.  We are already making big plans when Ryan and I visit -- such as surfing, and wine tasting, and... squishing grapes!  Something I've had on my bucket list (since 2005!).  I can't wait.

- posted by Kendra


Taco not so Bueno

So after waiting forever at Iguana we decided to bail and get Bueno instead...but it was not so bueno. In fact, it was so not bueno that I decided to write them this complaint.

First, let me say that I am a big fan of your restaurant and frequent various locations to satisfy my south-of-the-border cravings. However, my experience at this location was very sub par. My first complaint is the salsa I received was essentially flavored water. Then after requesting five more salsas, I was sarcastically given a sack with what I would guess to be 20-25 additional watery salsas. I did not appreciate this. Also, the soft taco I was given was cold. I don't believe that I said that I wanted a cold soft taco; however, you could have changed this on your menu and I did not read it. Similarly, I don't believe it is standard practice to place all of the chicken of a quesadilla in one central location. I consider myself a quesadilla connoisseur and regard this to be very poor workmanship.
The most concerning aspect of my meal was the fact that the previously stated chicken had an overly sweet flavor. Perhaps you have changed your chicken recipe recently but I have not seen any advertisements detailing this. Being a considerable change to a staple protein I would expect a sizable marketing effort to inform your valued customers. As I said before, I am a fan of your establishment and hope to have a better experience for my next visit.


Wedding Photos

This weekend we got all dolled up to take a few (post) wedding photos.  We actually took photos at the wedding, however I was SO very hungry and SO very toasty that I rushed through the photo session with our photographer after the ceremony to get to the reception (food!) and didn't get any close ups of Ryan and I.  Whoops!  Thankfully our friend Adam said yes to my proposal for a photo shoot on Sunday, and of course they were just what I wanted.  Wow, he did an A-plus job. 

And now our wedding book is officially complete. And ordered!


The (OSU inspired) Magical Scarf

My first attempt at SEWING!  Zia got a reversable scarf to wear for game days...

"Wow, this scarf is SOOO NEAT"

"It makes me sit whenever you ask me to...

... and lay, real good.

It makes me chew harder! ::nom nom nom::

And run faster!!  Thanks mom, you're the coolest"


A New Start

And I'm back!  Actually, I am a "we" now (as of a month ago), which is exciting in itself, but what is even MORE exciting is that Ryan has decided to join the blog world with me.  I've really enjoyed blogging this past year, but wanted to switch gears that included our life instead of just my own.  So, here is the project we've been working on!  We both plan to post things about our camping/hiking adventures, crafty projects (mostly my own), inspirations, daily life in OKC and hopefully many more travels.  Stay tuned...