Gap - you're so good.

Sold!  The most comfortable pair of jeans I ever put on.  I might have every color by the end of the year... no, seriously. 

Well done, Gap.

Also, there were so many striped shirts at the store last night I really had to hold myself back.  Most know my obsession with striped things - it's pretty out of control.  Hmmm... actually, I might have to go back for this shirt.  Just one more?!


Wait Wait...

don't tell me!

the only blurry (forbidden) photo I took

No way have I laughed this much in an hour an a half.  The show was great!  Thanks, NPR for making your way to OKC.


Paper Gift Toppers

I have 2 loves in life - paper products (I'm so sorry trees) and Do It Yourself projects.  The moment I saw the combination of the two over at Design Crush I went to town!

Gift Toppers aka paper flowers

I have to say they looked a little better in person than what the camera caught, but you get the point.  I loved them.  And so did the recipients!


Let's PARTY!

What a great birthday celebration at Iguana Lounge last night.


Sewing 101: Coffee Coozies

Our co-shared blog is looking a little bias don't you think?  I must apologize to those who are interested in Ryan's highlights, I seem to be taking over!

My second attempt at these coffee coozies was much much better than the first (not documented for good reason).  This was the first project I took on with my sewing machine and found out the hard way that mini Janome does not enjoy sewing over elastic hair ties.

The original tutorial from House on a Hill Road was really easy to understand.  After my first go and the awful mess I made with the hair ties I decided to sew 2 buttons on the coozy instead of 1 and just wrap the hair tie around the buttons (instead of sewing them into the material as directed).  So much easier!


Happy Birthday!

This guy...

is 27 today.  Happy Birthday, Husband!


Lakeside Times

We're back!

One of the highlights from our trip to Denver was an old amusement park that truly made me feel like a little kid again.  The "Cyclone Coaster" was hands down my favorite rides and I found out later it was a top 10 coaster featured on Discovery Channel (probably 50 years ago, but hey, it's still a landmark).  I rode it 3 times.  We met some new people, ate junky food, and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Oh, and I'm the skee ball champion.  I won a spider ring. 

Lakeside Amusement Park:


Hittin' the road.

(penny helping me "pack")

We're off for the weekend to find good friends, a bike parade, old bars, an amusement park, and many many adventures!  I'm SO excited for another road trip. 

Have a fun weekend, friends. 


No Beer September

I know many of you will be shocked to hear this but until the triathlon I will not ingest any of the sweet sweet goodness that I love so much. I am taking this leap to help lead me to some sort of competative shape for the upcoming event. Did you know that the average ale can contain any where from 250 to 500 calories. Crazy right?!

Too bad some freinds want to eat at my favorite local brewery tonight. Oh the tempatation...