I Am

I'm quite head over heels with Netflix.
Especially since giving up cable in August (again), it's so nice to still sit down and enjoy a good flick.  Most recently I watched House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, holy good friends, he knocked my socks off in a creepy old man, but somehow I still like you, kind of way.  While I was immersed in that show for a few weeks, I had left my beloved documentaries to the wayside. 
Last night, I was "recommended" a recently added doc on Netflix called I Am.  I immediately assumed it was going to be biblical, since Jesus said those exact, albeit famous words.  But was surprised it was written/directed/about the director who made slapstick comedies: Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, etc.  And thought, hmmmm, I'm not so sure. 
I have to say, the film felt a little cheesy at first, but the more I watched it, the more "into" I became.  It wasn't necessary religious, but it did have those undertones (which became major points) that everyone is connected to each other, everyone should be kind to each other, everyone in the entire world is a community in many ways. 

To say I was in tears by the end is a bit of an understatement.. it was late, I was emotional, it happens.  But more so, I do need those reminders sometimes that people are good; that we should stop caring so much about ourselves and start caring for our communities around us.  And this was a really good reminder. 

Check it out.


Homebuyers, oh and I'm back!

A girl can be a little indecisive, right?  Isn't that in our nature or something?

Welllllll, Wordpress and I didn't work out, so I'm back on Blogger for now.  Really, it's not so bad. Blogger and I had a pretty good thing going for a very long time and I'm sure I can find a space here again (with a few changes of course).  So, here I am!  Again!  Yay!

Jumping right in.... we bought a house.  And already had a little house warming party.  What?!

Thankfully there is little to update/restore, but I can't wait to share the small DIY projects we plan to tackle along the way. I'm looking at you, Young House Love, for some major inspiration.