A Market Tote

The tutorial from Say YES! to Hoboken was easy to follow with lots of photos and arrows to guide you along.  I loved Liz's stripes, so I created my own with leftover fabric from the minimalist tote (stole your link, val!) and cathedral window pillow.  And the lining is from my first ever skirt.  Can a skirt and a tote bag share the same fabric?  I sure hope so.

Let's shop some Farmer's Markets!  I have a tote.


House Sprucing

We signed a 6 month lease for our current apartment, almost a year and a half ago.  Needless to say, we thought it was going to be a short term stay.  Things haven't quite worked out like we planned, but we're enjoying our cozy little place in OKC for now with hopes of a move any time.

With the mindset of "we're moving soon", progress to decorate (with more than just a few pictures here and there) or buy new furniture was delayed until just recently.  I'm tired of the white walls!  And ready for some sprucing.  Artwork to come in a later post because this one is all about the sewing creations I've made in the past few weeks.

First up, pillows:

Nothing fancy about these guys, but the extra color alone really helps the living room.  I bought cheap-o pillows at Ross and covered them with material from fabric.com.  Without purpose, our entire apartment developed an "earthy" look.  The plan for the living room is warm tones, so yellows/reds/oranges/browns.  (An orange pillow is hiding on the other side of the sofa)

Second, a table runner:

This TV was a hand-me-down post college that we've continue to use.  Downside?  It's HUGE and brings plenty of scratch possibilities to the new furniture.  What once was an ugly brown sheet is now replaced with the yellow-floral-explosion-table runner.  It's a wonderful upgrade!  And we can remove it the moment a flat screen graces us with it's presence. The material is from Hobby Lobby and I used interfacing to make it a little more stiff and sturdy. 

Side note:  Friends almost always accompanies me while I sew.  My DVR queue is full of old episodes.

Cheers to making progress on the apartment!


Obadiah Parker

I know this video is old news, but I heard him on my Pandora station the other day (that's big time, right?), which sparked the idea that this guy, his voice, and ability to remix a song are absolutely worth another mention.

So, here it is..


The Civil Wars

We went to The Civil Wars concert last week at this little venue close to my workplace.  It was one of the few sit down concerts I've experienced and I wanted to get up and dance so many times!  I guess I'm just a move with the music kind of girl. 

They are a singer/song writer duo. I believe the woman, Joy Williams used to be a christian artist back in the day.  And the guy, John Paul White, looks incredibly similar to Johnny Depp, don't you think?!

They were incredible together and the chemistry was really there.


Happy Birthday Valerie Marie!

This girl is amazing
She loves life and makes everyone around her smile
We went to college at OSU
And continue to travel the country together
She makes shirts, and skirts, and scarves
I love her dearly
She's one of my bestest friends
And today is her birthday!

 (my NYC trip last year)

I'm glad we had the chance to spend time together last week in Dallas. But TODAY, I hope you get to do something special.  I wish I was in New York to celebrate with you.

All my love!


A Girls' Trip to Dallas, TX

We had such a great time in Dallas, Texas this past weekend for our 3rd annual girls' trip.  Brunch was a definite 'yes' on the agenda, so we chose the Taverna for $1 mimosas and delicious food.  Most conversation revolved around Disney World, Disney movies, and favorite Disney songs.  It was awesome.  Personal favorite:  Little Mermaid of course.  Our next trip could possibly be to Disney World, but we'll see. 

My second NBA game EVER!

They are so much fun, if you have never experienced a professional basketball game.  We dressed in blue, ate game-day junk food, and cheered on the Mavericks.  It was such a fun night.  Afterward, we made our way back to the hotel and CRASHED.  The end to a day of shopping, brunching, and hot tubing. 

The Sixth Floor Museum was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Dallas and interested in President Kennedy and his family.  The audio tour was easy to follow, but also the signs and photos in the museum were just as interesting.  We watched 3 videos while we were there too, everything lasted about 2 1/2 hours, I think.

A mix of emotions about the guided audio tour

Photography wasn't allowed in the museum, but I did take an illegal photo out the window of the 6th floor to the street where JFK was shot (and then got in trouble immediately after!  oh well). 

Other activities:
Dinner at Coal Vines
We saw Adjustment Bureau at the Magnolia
And experienced the MOST insane/intense yoga class of my life. 

Dallas treated us well!


Zia, Zia, Zia

Yes, sometimes it IS all about Zia...

Her old pillow case was looking a little rough (sorry mom, I know you put a lot of work into it!).  So, I made a new one using the envelope pillow tutorial again from Freshly Picked. And bubbly fabric to match her personality.. HA! 

And another magical scarf made from material left over from the Cathedral Window Pillow project.

We all soaked up a bit of sunshine this weekend.
It was sooooo nice!


Leaving on a jet plane

It's that time of year!  A girls' trip with 4 wonderful friends.  This year, we're off to Dallas, Texas to see the sights, hear the sounds, and EAT (one of my favorite parts about traveling) some great food.  I can't wait to catch up with these girls; a trip I look forward to every year.

I'll be back on Sunday, just in time to gather all your photos for the swap.  A "free for all" this week, so take a photo of whatever your little heart desires. 

Happy weekending!