Jalapenos, finally

We took a piece of our community garden with us when we moved to Colorado -- a little jalapeno plant that showed zero progress since planting back in April.  Maybe it's the hot sun, or the extra love we've provided, being an only child now, but somehow we now have peppers growing on the vine!


Photo Swap: It's back!

Let's SWAP!

I've missed the swap so much and I'm really looking forward to participating myself and compiling all your photos each week.  For those who are new and love to take photos, you should play along!  Here's what we're talking about...

How it started:  I knew I wanted to do a photo-related project once I received my first DSLR camera for my 26th birthday.  And once challenged by my California-dwelling friend, Adam (the second half of The Life in our Years & who took some amazing wedding photos for us) to a creative photo collaboration;  I said let's do it!  We wanted to share our admiration of the places we both live and how different, and sometimes very similar, they may be. 

When it evolved:  Adam and I invited others to join after the second week.  Everything is more fun with friends, right?

A theme?:  YES!  A few people expressed to me how hard it was to take a photo of "anything" and needed a specific direction.  So, I throw out a new theme every week and ask for everyone to make it their own.  It's fun to see the different points of view. 

How you can join:  Anyone can join us for the photo swap, just dust off your camera, make the weekly theme your own, and e-mail your photo to me on Sunday with your name and how I can link the photo to your website (if you have a site, if not, that's absolutely okay). 

The purpose:  Ultimately, I hope the photo swap can be a creative outlet and a place where photo enthusiasts can share their love!

**Next week's theme:  something that makes you happy
E-mail your themed photo to:  kendra.e.grimm(at)gmail(dot)com

Take a peak at the past year's swaps and I'll look forward to your photos in my mailbox on Sunday!


Welcome, Autumn

You're my favorite of all.  
(photos from New York, 2009)



Ryan had a great birthday celebration with his friends here in Denver and I only have 4 photos to show for it!  The moment friends arrived and our food and drinks came out, my camera went up, and we just laughed the night away.  After the Cheeky Monk (love this) we walked down the street to a little dive bar to play pool.  Since it was Thursday, and almost everyone had to work on Friday, the boys called it an early night around 11.  It was no Iguana Lounge, but I think Ry had a great first birthday celebration here in Colorado! 



(empty area for the guest bed when we have company)

This morning I tackled the messy messy guest room and with great success I found the floor.  And organized all my supplies.  Hooray!  I'm quite proud of my accomplishment; it was the last room with boxes running amock and causing a dreadful scene. 

With that done, I now can start crafting things again!  (during breaks from job searching of course)  My Pinterest boards are exploding with ideas.


Happy Birthday!

Dear Ryan,
I'm so very happy you were born.

Happy birthday love - I can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!


New digs: one month later

We've lived in our place now for one whole month.  I should have snapped a few photos the moment we walked in the door, to show a bit of a before and after (or before and now), but I did not.  We had a bit much going on and didn't really think about it.  Alas I do have photos of our new place after unpacking and getting things situated one month later. 

Living room:

  • Curtains
  • Larger lamp for the side table
  • Perfect my Expedit (bookshelf) decorating
  • More throw pillows
  • Wall art
Dining area:

  • New table?  Though we've sat at this table for 3 years and have grown quite fond of the Japanese style dining.  We'll see.
  • Artwork

  •  Add something above the cabinets? 
  • Love the kitchen. (not a goal, just a statement)

Tiny desk area (in hallway):

  • Organize cabinets above
  • Repaint the chalkboard
  • Bigger lamp?
  • Desk chair


  • Add a few photos to the top of our dresser
  • Curtains
  • Something simple above the bed (still searching for ideas)
  • Necklace organizer
Creative room/Guest room:
  • ORGANIZE (yikes)
  • Wall art & inspiration photos
  • Print and hang large b/w photos
  • Area rug

  • NONE!  First room completely finished. 
Well there you have it.  A virtual tour of our little Colorado apartment. 


On the bookshelf: summer reading

The Host - At first, this book was a struggle.  I didn't understand where the plot was going or connect with the characters at all.  The urge to quit halfway through was strong, but it's a pretty hefty sized book, and I hated to read all about this building plot for nothing.  So, I kept on and actually really enjoyed it!  Finally about 2/3 in, things made sense and the story "got good".  I would recommend this book if you are up for a little snooze fest at the beginning and an exciting roller coaster at the end.  Personal preference here, of course, I had 2 friends hate it and 1 friend love it.  Anyone else read it??

Sloppy Firsts - A recommendation from my friend Val ...and who doesn't love a good young adult selection?!  Let's be real.  Loved the book -- I can't wait to finish out the series (there are 5) and cross off one more item from my summer list of must do's. I'm running out of time with fall right around the corner.

Sarah's Key - A compelling story about the connection between a young Jewish girl during the time of the Holocaust and a middle-aged journalist living in Paris during present day.  The story jumps back and forth between each woman's story and in the end you see their worlds collide in their own time.  Grab a tissue box and block off a good amount of time because you are going to want to read this straight through!  I lost many night's sleep staying up reading.  I'm pretty sure they are making this book into a movie too.

L.A. Candy - Oh, Lauren Conrad. I've followed her life since Laguna Beach days and still really like this girl.  The book is about a reality show called L.A. Candy, which sounded pretty familiar to The Hills.  I'm sending it along to my book club girls and looking forward to her next one!

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our (labor free) weekend

We spent the long weekend in Taos, NM soaking up the sun, biking around town, eating so much food (preferably smothered in green chili), sitting in the hot springs, exploring the Rio Grande Gorge, and visiting the oldest pueblo community

The boys went mountain biking one day, while I hiked the same trail with the pups.  A storm rolled in quickly, so fast that I turned myself around and started running back to the car.  I was a little scared, and so glad I decided to turn around.  The boys came riding down the mountain just as I made it to the car and the HAIL came pouring down.  Whew! 

Taos was a fun little Labor Day getaway.


Thank you, Maxi

 You turned my not-so-good day all around.  
                                                               - Kendra

Wednesday was crazy-town. 

To keep the story short, let's just say it's more difficult to become a Colorado resident than we realized.  Or perhaps I'm bad at my research.  Either way, I missed a few steps in the process, which made for a pretty stressful day.

After the tag agency, emissions testing, and licensing departments we were on our way home when I spotted an Old Navy.  We stopped and I found this maxi skirt.  Ah, pleated, comfy love. 

I put it on the moment we got home, met up with some new friends, and had a really fun evening.  The power of a piece of clothing!

Anyone else wearing maxi skirts?  Are they not the most comfortable clothing item ever??