The Coffee Shop Effect

There aren't too many things I love more than spending an afternoon in a coffee shop. 

I can't pinpoint exactly what makes my heart so happy; perhaps it's the combination of coffee aromas, quiet chatter, people immersed in books and newspapers, the lightening and artwork on the walls, and the quality of conversation when you're with a friend (it just seems better). 

Almost anyone can drink a cup of joe at home, but instead they make their way to a coffee shop, just like I did, to enjoy the experience of it all.  


Crafting at work is fun!

A co-worker and I were all about the handmade gifts for Christmas last year.  Once we realized the mutual love of crafting and sewing, we found a project online we both liked and set aside time at lunch for a week to get crafty.

We really wanted to recreate the Bina Brianca Wrap, it's worn a thousand different ways and seemed pretty simple to make. 

After a bit of Pinterest research, we found a couple DIY tutorials and set out to Joann's for fabric to start our project. 

We worked for 3 days, ironing, pinning, sewing, wrapping...

And no matter how we attempted to wrap up in our new creation, it just wasn't working out.  It was too short here, or not long enough there.  Honestly we had no idea where we went wrong.  We laughed, a lot, and finally finished up the project saying sometimes-DIY-isn't-as-easy-as-it-looks!  Or a close runner-up, make-easier-to-understand-tutorials-Pinterest-lovers! 

Mostly this post goes to show that sometimes projects don't turn out the way you hoped for, but the preparation, especially done with friends, is a fun time no matter what.


Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, CO

Between the 2 ski days we had this weekend, our friends wanted to take a day off and explore Colorado.  I just love being a tourist, so of course I was on board and suggested Celestial Seasonings in Boulder as our first stop on Saturday morning for a little tea time. 

Before the factory tour, guests were given the cutest little white cups to sample all kinds of hot tea.  I particularly enjoyed the pumpkin spice.    

We sipped and chatted before we had to join about 30 others in a movie room to start the tour.  The story behind the tea company is really interesting; it's always a treat when someone's passions become their success. 

After the film, we were given these stylish, baby blue hairnets to wear for our factory tour. 

And sadly, no more photos allowed on the tour.

We had a fun morning sipping on tea and chatting; right after we jetted to Mountain Sun Pub for some grub and brews. 



attempting to // drink less coffee and more herbal tea in the morning.  It's been a tough transition, let me tell you.

excited about // friendly faces visiting us for the whole weekend.

listening to // Tristan Prettyman.  I loved her music in college and have recently stumbled upon her again.  Even planning to go to her show at The Bluebird next month with this lady!

loving // this mauve skirt I picked up for 11 bucks, on sale of course.  It's the perfect length for work, and  stretchy and comfortable too. 

hating // that I just barely miss the warm sunshine by the time I get home from work...  "warm, warm, warm, sun is going, going, cold."

looking forward to // chopping all my hair (again) todayI just can't "grow it out", ever ever.  I wonder how many times it will take for me to realize I will forever have my hair in a ponytail if it's past my ears, haha.  I'm pretty pumped. 

reading // a Real Simple magazine I received for Christmas.  Does it take anyone else forever to read through an entire magazine?

stumbled upon // Grumpy Cat

watching // Girls on HBO.  Though it's a little "risque" for my liking, I enjoy the characters and storyline a lot.

spending time // skiiiiiiing.  I haven't taken many pictures of our adventures, but I've skied even more than last year, and getting pretty good, I mean, sort of.  It's the one thing that makes Colorado winters bearable.. and really fun.


MLK Day, spent in the sun

...and a small stint indoors catching up on Downton Abbey.

It was beautiful in Denver on Monday, and I had the day off, so we spent most of our time soaking up those beautiful rays.  


DIY: Faux Polaroids

Unless I see an idea on Pinterest, I typically start crafting without an end result in mind.  I'll start doodling on a page, see what starts to form, and run with it.

A similar situation happened yesterday...

First off, I'm still in love with Instagram, and I think the pocket-sized pictures are just too perfect to sit in our phones. So I used PicMonkey to create a Polaroid-like boarder on photos I've taken in the last months, and printed a few.

Once I got home, I decided I definitely wanted to hang them somewhere.  So I grabbed some twine and mini clips and got to work.

I'd say they turned out pretty cute, all strung together in their mini glory.
Now, to find a place to hang these little guys. 




A new year, a new set of goals: 
  • Building off of my only goal last year, I'm going to raise my eating healthy objective to another level and commit to one new recipe a week.  In the last year, I've really been inspired by other vegetarians and their unique dish ideas (the best part about book club is the amazing food!).  I can't wait to share more 'In The Kitchen' posts with all of you this year. 
  • Keep. Taking. Photos.
  • Lastly, to be mindful of what makes me happy and to focus on those things.  It's easy to get distracted by all the negative; I plan to shed as much light as possible on all things good, if not only for myself, but for others too.   
Here's to a great year ahead!


Looking Back

I enjoyed going through old photo albums while I was home visiting last week.  I sure was a ham when I was a little one; I guess nothing has really changed. 

What do you enjoy to do when you go home?