Dress a Girl Around the World

Valerie and I are taking a little break from our Skype Sewing Dates while she is working hard on another project. You know, just opening her own clothing shop, no bigs.  So during her visit to Colorado the weekend before last, we got my mini sewing machine out and went to work like old times, but in real life, which was even better!

Val asked her family for any extra pillowcases for our project, and they mailed 16+!  And all sorts of decorative patches and buttons and rickrack.  A lot of love went into these dresses, from many.

We prepped everything over her weekend visit so I could take them home and add the finishing touches.

Here are our sweet little dresses:

The pillow case dresses are for the Dress a Girl Around the World project, a non-profit organization that sends little dresses to girls in Uganda. We couldn't be happier to give back while doing something we both enjoy so much... Sewing!


Muddy Trails Ahead

The sign read:
Muddy Trail Conditions -- poor.

On Saturday I experienced the feeling of 10 extra pounds, added to the bottom of my feet, as we hiked for 8 miles.  Talk about a motivational experience.  Even though the trail conditions weren't the best, we all enjoyed the sunshine beating down on our skin, the cool breeze blowing in our faces, and the stunning views.  It was probably 45 degrees or so, but the bright sun really made up for the chilly temperatures.  And afterward, the dogs were exhausted.  Kendra 1, Zia 0, the little stinker.


Handmade Stationary

I love paper products.

Perhaps my love goes hand in hand with the joy of sending snail mail to friends and family.  It doesn't get much better than receiving a hand written letter or a "just because" card.  So when I found this simple idea for making your own stationary on A Beautiful Mess yesterday, I thought it was posted just for me.

Last night I went to work using a package of blank cards a friend gifted me for my birthday years ago.  Have I mentioned that I love paper products?  It's true. And scraps from these past projects

I cut out rectangles from my scrap fabric with pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying and to add a little something extra to the design.  Next, I simply sewed my fabric to the cards, a little imperfect, a little messy, just as I hoping for.  You can always hand stitch too, which would look just as pretty.

And now I have 6 new cards to add to the mix!
Arriving in mailboxes shortly.


Why hello, bright red pants.

We ventured to the outlet malls this past weekend during Valerie's visit, and let me tell you, they are too close for comfort!  When I lived in Oklahoma, we had to drive down to Texas to hit a good outlet mall, though right before I left, Oklahoma City scored their very own.  Point is: outlet shopping was never convenient (which was great for my checkbook)... until now.

We spent hours shopping.  It was awesome.

And somehow I left with only one little bag, filled happily with these bright red jeans from GAP. 

Even though I already own canary yellow pants, I was a tad hesitant about these. But with a little inspiration help I've found around the web, I think I'm going to rock me some red pants!

What do you all think about the bright colored jean trend?


Saturday thru Monday

The rest of the weekend was filled with slumber parties, shopping, dining, late nights, movie watching and Downton Abbey.  Yes, I'm now hooked with the masses. IT'S SO GOOD.

Such a great few days with these lovely ladies!  Already looking forward to our next girls' trip together this summer.


Happy Friday

Anyone heard of (and loved) Gotye?  If yes, then you should enjoy this little rendition of Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk Off the Earth.  Well, if you haven't heard, then you should probably still watch the video.  I mean, 1 guitar, 5 people?!  That's fine internet viewing right there. Not at all a dance number like Lauren shares every Friday, so you should head over there after you listen to this mildly depressing, yet awesome, song.  Ha!

Have a great weekend, friends.


Life lately, according to my iPhone.

Left to right: I made hot pot for the first time and it was delicious, lil' cuties, "is your beer frozen? no, is yours?", kit-tay in the window, Zia looks about like I felt for 2 weeks, sunning plants, stripes & floral's, date night, new short 'do.

Anyone else Instagram?
my_simple_story <-- that's me.



As mentioned on Friday, I had a little date night with Pinterest this weekend.  Since Valentine's Day was right around the corner, I went with this inspiration photo for my first project.  She already used my favorite colors, so I pretty much followed suit.

First, a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy cardboard letters (on sale!) and yarn (on sale!)...

And then I went to work (using this tutorial as a quick guide)...

The letters took a lot more time than I expected.  Especially the 'O' since the whole pack of yarn wouldn't fit through the small hole; I had to pull a bunch of yarn from the pack, attempt to wrap it around into a smaller ball shape, and then wrap the letter.  As you can see, my cat Penny was a big help in this process.  Not. The stereotype is true, cats love yarn.  

how do i make a gif

While watching Pretty Woman on TV (thanks ABC Family), the letters slowly were covered.

And then like that, I was finished!
Placed happily in the guest room. 
Not bad, Pinterest, not bad at all.


It's simple math

I've found the perfect formula made up of glitter nail polish and an old man sweater (with stripes!)
that will create a foolproof great day.  How can those 2 things not make you happy?!

Feeling under the weather this past week... it's the simple things in life, yes?