Currently sipping hot tea, listening to Iron & Wine, and wishing for my cozy bed. 


Run, girls, run!

This weekend I'll be cheering on the runners in the Route 66 Marathon with this girl.   We both have friends running in the race and plan to be "those spectators".  You know, the ones who jump up and down and bring huge signs and yell everyone's names as they run by.  Encouragement is our #1 goal.  I'm so excited to watch our friends accomplish this.

Go Rach!

Rachel and I like to dress alike - a lot.
and Go Carol!

My favorite hiking buddy
A highlight of a race weekend?
Eating a carb-loaded dinner with the participants!  Bring on the pasta.


Free tickets? We'll Take Them

"No, of course we aren't busy on a Sunday night and can come in such short notice!"

This was our first NBA game together and we were really excited.  Thankfully I had just bought this shirt last week or I would have had no blue clothes to support the team (remember, I'm just started branching out).

Now, if there are any Seattle readers out there, don't get hasty.  I know you all aren't too happy with the fact that we kind of stole your team.

When Ryan and I were on our honeymoon we met a lovely Washington couple at a winery and through conversation they found out we lived in OKC and within the next couple minutes of that conversation they let us know just how they felt about the NBA switch, haha.  The husband was sort of joking, but also sort of serious.  Sorry, folks!

So many happy fans in front of us cheering (nice things and not so nice things) like mad.  Hey, they were enthusiastic.  I like that.

At halftime, we saw little parachutes falling from the sky.  This went on forever.  But we didn't catch a t-shirt, or really come close.

I'd like to think so! 

 Well, then we started to loose.  And then people started to leave.  But true fans as we are, we stayed until the very end.

Thanks Cassie and Trace for the tickets!


Just a Saturday

A little secret:  One of my favorite things to do during a Saturday morning with no plans, or errands, is to lay in bed and watch a film with the director's commentary.  During college I would do this about every weekend and recently I've kind of forgot about my love for it  (I choose trashy reality TV instead I suppose).  But the commentary is so interesting to me - to know "why" and "how".  I took one film class in college and I'm hooked.   

Today I spent my morning with Zach Braff watching an old favorite.  I fell in love with it all over again.


Rainy day adventure with Zia

rain: check
old shoes: check

 leaves (for zia) + self-timer (for me) = absolute excitement (for us!)


...Walkin' home



It's beautiful outside.  And it's November.

   photo from StGrundy

I kind of want to skip work today, steal Ryan, and find a yellow-leaved tree to lay under on a blanket... with books, and a picnic basket, and our camera.  All day, with no worries in the world.  Like fear of being fired after we both just skipped work!  Ah, yes.  This what I'm dreaming of today.


Sewing 102: Groovy Hostess Apron

That's right, sewing 102(!) - I've advanced, friends. 

Val and I cut the pattern and fabric last week and whipped up this cute lil' apron Sunday afternoon via Skype (she lives across the country, don't you just love technology?)  Also, I only messed up TWICE.  I love how calm Val stays while I freak out to the web cam.

Anywho... this is it:

I really like the fun fabric.  

A few changes to the pattern/instructions:
We choose 3 different fabrics instead of 2 (to spruce it up a bit more).  We added another pocket,  1 just wasn't enough, of course.  And if you want to make your apron REALLY special, cut the material right down the middle, like I did!  Yeah, that was mistake #1.  

I think it turned out really cute though, mistakes and all.


Where do we go next?

Planning is underway for the next annual girls' trip!  We're thinking some place... beachy.  In previous years we traveled:

San Francisco, CA in 2010
 Scottsdale, AZ in 2009

With many many trips in between (but those weren't our "official girls' trips").  Tricky, right?  We just like to travel, what can we say.  And love traditions!  We might have 1 more friend experience the greatness of the girl's trip with us next year, too.  We really hope to keep this tradition going for a very long time.

Ryan of course will take a "boy trip" to Colorado or New Mexico.


In the Kitchen: Mini Pumpkin Pies

The mini pumpkin pies were a huge hit at the last gathering we hosted at our apartment.  We let everyone add as much Cool Whip as their little heart desired (I chose none, others chose a lot) and nixed the "nut topping" all together.  We followed this recipe and everything worked out perfectly... and tasted delicious!  Easy recipe for non-bakers like myself.

What you’ll need (makes 36 bites):
1 can Libby’s 100% pumpkin
3 store bought pie crusts
3 tsp cinnanmon
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup evaporated milk
pinch of salt
whipped cream
nut topping
:: Preheat your oven to 350°.
:: Roll out your pie crust. Take a circular object, like a glass or can, and cut out 36, 2-3 inch circles.
:: Place the circles in your mini-muffin pan to form little cups.
:: Mix the rest of your ingredients together and scoop into your pie crust cups.