Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts is something I look forward to every year!  The weather is usually warm and sunny, the trees are a beautiful shade of green, and the food, most importantly, is amazing.  Artists from all over the country set up booths to display their creations.  I browse mostly, but I really wish I could buy just about everything.  There were some amazing photographers this year too.  Everything was inspiring really and I definitely took mental notes all over the place.  Check and Check.

Don't forget!
Photo Swappers: the theme this week is Shades of Spring



... where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.

I have a great appreciation for Oklahoma.  It's where I grew up, went to college, made lifelong friends, met the love of my life, married, the list goes on and on. Once I saw this pin (do you all use Pinterest?  it's neat.) from Sherry of Young House Love I knew I had to recreate it. 

First, I taped my Oklahoma printout to the canvas back

And used a window for tracing (in pencil!) 

All done! 

Next, I added a little paint

And placed proudly in the apartment!
 The orange is a little much, but it's our college color, so I had to use it.  Once I figure out the guest room colors, I might change it to match, we'll see. This was a really fun project that took less than an hour and cost about $4.

(I followed this tutorial to a T)
...and if you DO use Pinterest, this is me!


Happy Earth Day

As a kid, I remember playing in the dirt, picking blades of grass,  making bracelets out of wildflowers, chasing grasshoppers around the yard.  I feel, deep down inside of all of us, is a great love for the earth and all it has to offer.   And I think today, on "Earth Day", we can all do a little something to make our home a better place - recycle the can of soda you drink, pick up trash on the way to your car from your workplace/school/home, drink water from a reusable container instead of bottles, plant some flowers or trees.  Mother Earth deserves it, don't you think?

**The Photo Swap theme this week is time of day - sunrise.  Be sure to send your photos to me at  kendra.e.grimm(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  It's Easter!  Something very special to celebrate.


Our Community Garden: what's growing in there?

Holy Progress!  Right?!
(This was the plot, just a few weeks ago.)

You're looking at future squash, zucchini, peppers, basil, onions, and tomatoes.  Well, we hope so anyway!


Pockets, Finally

(I added a mustard yellow cardigan after the photo.  You'll just have to trust me.)

This skirt was completely inspired by Valerie's I Dream of Spring Skirt - cotton material, pockets, the paper bag waistband, everything!  I loved it and had to have one for myself.  It was also my first go at pockets with success, yay!  My world is a much better place now.

Tutorial: World's Easiest Skirt


It's a date

Ryan and I went on a little date last night...
to Barnes & Noble. 

First stop: Gardening
Second stop: Young Adult

Check out this book cover!  It's vellum!  How can you not judge a book by it's cover when it's this awesome?

There's my date!  And Moby-Duck which I heard about on NPR last week.
We had a really good time. (I feel a little guilty for not buying anything!)

Note:  All photos secretly taken with my Iphone.  We were not about to get kicked out like this crazy lady!  Ha!


Handwriting Game

Yesterday I was tagged by my new friend and fellow photo swapper - Kristin of Rosy Personics to play along in the Handwriting Game. 

Here goes...

1) Your Name - Blog Name  2) Your blog URL  3) Write: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog. 4) Favorite Quote  5) Favorite Song  6) Favorite Musicians/Bands  7) Something you say...  8) Tag people for the game.

Fun facts:
  • I print REALLY small (as you can see). 
  • In college, I would only use college ruled paper.  Ironic?
  • Before sending a letter or card, I type what I want to say first before writing it down.
  • I've always wanted loopy-girlie handwriting.  I felt so left out in middle school! 


On our screen, lately.

The past few days have been filled with boxes of tissues, hot tea, and a strict ban on the outdoors (boo!).  The Oklahoma spring pollen has officially won the battle.   "I'll get you next year, Mr. Fun Hater".

What movies have you watched recently?  Any good recommendations?


Our Community Garden: ground breaking

Community gardening has about a million great things going for it:  Food instantly becomes unaffordable for one.  And a group of people working together for a common goal has great appeal - it's empowering, don't you think?  Unlike most community gardens which are publically functiontioning, ours is a little more intimate.  As in, we get to play in a friend's backyard!  Living in an apartment is stifling in the springtime.  "Must.  Get.  Outside."  This was the perfect opportunity.

I can't wait for those tomatos and strawberries.  Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm. 
As you can see, we're quite far from picking our earnings, so more details to come...



Left to right: my new red shoes, aloe plant I'm disparately keeping alive, floral tote bag, Penny face, light fixture above our sushi dinner at Saii, Pennies sunning, a beautiful drive home, flowers atop my desk at work, Zia pants.

Instagram for Iphone is my new found love.  You take a photo with your phone, add an artsy filter, and upload.  Ta da!