Skiing in Park City, UT

Ryan took a man trip to visit some friends living in Park City.  Between brewery tours and distillery tours, they seem to have found some time for skiing.  And these were the awesome shots he got!  He should steal the camera from me more often. 

I wasn't worried about the DSLR out and about in the snow at all.  Ha!


Tristan Prettyman is so over Jason Mraz

Tristan Prettyman has all the support she needs from our Denver community.  At her concert Friday night, the first stop of her tour, any time the word 'Jason' was mentioned, the entire crowd booed.  To catch anyone up, they were engaged in 2011 and shortly after he broke it off and left her devastated, poor thing.  So now, her new album Cedar + Gold is all about her next few years as a single person, trying to figure it all out.

I listened to her music in college, when she was a one woman show, so the addition of her band was really nice.  For the most part, all of her songs are upbeat and danceable.  The entire (female) crowd was singing along, she sure has a lot of followers! 

When the jacket came off and the band left, things got real.  She sang the song "I was going to marry you" which isn't a secret at all that it's about her and Mraz.  It's really beautiful and maybe my favorite from the album, but also incredibly sad of course. 

Tristan really interacted with the crowd.  And like I said before, everyone seemed to be pretty big Jason haters now, so she joked a lot about him.. nicely of course.. and everyone yelled that she was lovely and "doesn't need him".  It slightly felt like a group therapy session, which is sort of awesome, thinking if I had got dumped by a guy, I'd sure love to hear from hundreds of people how great I was.  Right?!  Drama aside, she really has an incredible live presence and sang amazingly. 

She said, just recently, that she was truly able to let everything go, and that it took too much energy to still be so angry and upset.  She feels free now.  **crowd roars** 

We were definitely there for the music, but thank goodness we knew a bit about Jason and Tristan's breakup or we sure would have been confused why the crowd was so intense about this subject!

Three more members of Team Tristan.  Had such a fun night with Hannah & Rachel.


These are the places that you'll find me hiding.

Last Friday was cold and snowy, and then Saturday we received so much sunshine we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  Colorado is kind of funny like that.  As if it wants to be true to itself with a cold winter, but quickly gives everyone a warm break, just to keep friends -- perhaps it's a people pleaser.  I mean, I was sure pleased this weekend!  Especially after we biked to a new brunch spot and stuffed ourselves silly while basking in the sun. 

I made almond butter for the first time this weekend.  It's incredibly easy and tastes amazing.  I added a little honey and a pinch of sea salt and have been spreading it on celery every since.  Yummmm. 

Sunday Beth and I ended the weekend with a much needed yoga session with Tiffany at Vital Yoga.  Each week we have to talk each other into going and then feel so thankful afterward; class is always worth the effort of getting ourselves out of the house on a Sunday night.  Always.


Music at the Hi-Dive

Ryan heard Night Beds from a Daytrotter Session and knew I would love them.  So we bought tickets to the Hi-Dive earlier this week... and I prepared.

I was pumped up all day, listening to each band's album over and over again, reading all the articles I could find about the musicians.  It's what I do before every concert.. I'm that person blasting the music on my way to the concert of the band I'm about to see.  It's mostly embarrassing at Red Rocks where everyone has their windows down as we wait in line to park.  But who cares, right?  This is my MO.  Go to a concert with me, I'll tell you everything about the band, even if I just learned about them.

We were early birds to the venue, though isn't there something kind of magical about the quiet space?  I'm glad I had a chance to get these shots. 

The show was awesome, by the way. Wow, Wow, Wow.

I just found out Night Beds made their television debut days before this concert on Late Night With Jimmy Fallen. I hope they make it big, they were great.  And their opener, Glowing House, has a great folky sound that I just loved. I especially enjoy the song "All That Matters" from them, click on the link and you can stream the song.

Happy love day, everyone!

We'll probably make dinner at home, watch last night's episode of Top Chef, and have a glass a wine.  Yep, sounds like a normal Thursday night.  


Date Nights

He wanted to bike to dinner on Friday night.
I said yes, of course.

Really, I wanted to wear my cute boots, but that just wasn't going to work with the bike pedals.
So I put on some sneakers, bundled up real tight, and we made our way to Linger for a little date night.
The 30 degree ride was pretty exhilarating, and I felt like I earned my dinner with all the hills in our hood.
It makes me happy how he gets me out of my comfort zone.

We've been together for 7 years and I hold that one of the successes to a happy relationship is dating.
I don't know what it is, but dinner out is just... different than dinner in.
He picks up the tab, even though we share a bank account.
You get get fancied up (well, everything but footwear in my case) and there is this extra spark in the air.

The food was delicious (go to Linger, Coloradans!).
Conversation interesting.
And the people watching was stellar.

I love date nights.


Inside Our Book Club


Besides the great book discussions we have during our book clubs each month, I always take home a sheet of notes filled with even more book titles or films to check out, plus all kinds of exciting and useful info that I've learned from the ladies in our club. 

Last Sunday, inside our book club:

  • Risotto is worth all the hassle of stirring, or whatever kind of love you have to add, because it tastes amazing every single time I eat it. 
  • A recommendation to watch Tiny Furniture after chatting about the show Girls (Lena Denham and her mother star in the movie).
  • I'm a little scared, but I hear I need to read some Agatha Christie.
  • Lip stains vs lipstick.  Lip stain wins.
  • 10 pages into White Teeth and heard it's worth a read. 
  • Another YA trilogy that I will be reading of course.

Can't say enough how much I love this group of women. 


Gentlmen of the Road

Tickets purchased!
See you soon(ish), Oklahoma.  I'm so proud. 


Sadly, I didn't see any of the Real Housewives

I finally made it to Beaver Creek this weekend, a pretty swanky resort in Colorado, that I've been excited about visiting ever since I heard you get free chocolate chip cookies at 3 o'clock.  It was a beautiful day too, clear skies and fresh snow, you can't complain about that.

I made a 6 or 7 year old friend on the first ski lift.  She was wearing head-to-toe pink, which I loved, and had little flower pedals on the bottom of her ski poles.  Pretty much the cutest thing I saw all day.  We started chatting and she told me about the kid adventure areas, marked with a smilie face on the map, so my goal was to seek those out later in the day.  I mean, she really talked them up.

...and they were my favorite runs.  We skied through teepee's and deserted "cities" and long tunnels, all over moguls through the trees in which I laughed and laughed as I sloppily bumped along.  I realized quickly she was probably a much better skiier than I am!

And before we knew it, it was 3pm.  That's cookie time.

Pure enjoyment, can't you tell?

I ended the day standing in the middle of the Ritz Carlton, looking for any celebrities.  I took about 10 steps inside the massive lodge and fell, legs flailing in the air, right on my booty.  It was awesome.  And by awesome, I mean really embarrassing.  I was sad Camille Grammer and her housewife friends were not around because I know they would have helped me off the floor and my debut on Bravo would have been a classy one, obviously.


A Winter Playlist


The Depth of Winter

Heavy Feet - Local Natives
You and I - Wilco 
Stubborn Love - The Lumineers
 Even If We Try - Night Beds
So Within - Seryn
Say Anything - Tristan Prettyman 
When You Come Back Down - Nickel Creek
Tamer Animals - Other Lives 
Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hello's

Listen on Spotify: