Cathedral Window Pillow - A Snow Day Project

You all, quilting is SERIOUS business.


Maybe the Superbowl is still on my mind, but does it not look a little Steelers-esque?  Not my intentions at all, haha.  I did use our bedroom curtains as inspiration and I think the pillow matches pretty closely (you can't quite tell from the photo, the yellow is really a lime color).  Honestly, I can't believe I completed this project.  My first, and probably last quilting endeavor.  Whew!  I blame most of my problems on the distraction of Gossip Girl & then Mamma Mia playing on TV while I was sewing.  "la, la, la" - oops.

Cathedral Window Pillow Tutorial - Part 1
Cathedral Window Pillow Tutorial - Part 2
Envelope Back Pillow Case


  1. Haha! I love how you snuck that GG picture in there!
    Great work! - How long did it take you?

  2. Hehe, it does look like something from the Steelers!
    I wish I knew how to quilt, or even knit.. maybe that should be on my bucket list of things to do/learn!

  3. Great music recs! I love me some Bon Iver.. Please tell me you've heard the New Moon soundtrack?!?!?! It's probably my favorite of all time.

    and HOLY MACARONI!!!!!! Great job on the pillow... Just by the photos that looks so straining. You have my respect. Mad love fo all da quiltaaass in da world.

    However, as difficult as it might have been, you made it look awesome! Go you!

  4. ps.. i love how Zia ever so slyly made her way into the pillow photo shoot!

  5. wow, that's amazing - I want new pillows, do you take orders? :p


  6. Gabrielle - I worked on it over a couple days, but maybe 5 - 6 hours. I'm really slow seamstress, haha.

    Miz - HECK NO! I think my quilting days are over. It was a fun, one time adventure.