Ski Trip to Denver, CO


All night driving is the best though, don't you all think?  You can see the tiny DVD screen clearly, count the stars (better than counting the rows of wheat or corn on the stretch through Kansas), and have zero worries about other traffic on the road.  And with my experience, any late night conversations are the best.  I can't quite figure it out.  Maybe the delirious thoughts are entertaining to all parties, haha.

The first night we got fancied up and went to the Science Lounge, I posted about earlier. 

And the second day in Denver we set out toward the mountains.  We traveled a little over an hour to Copper Mountain, where we skiied the first day.  On the second day of skiing we went to Loveland, a smaller resort, which turned out to be my favorite of the two.

If it wasn't SO uncool to stay on the ski lift, I would have continued to take pictures for most of the day.  The views were beautiful and the lift seemed to be the only time I really took in the sights.  I guess the rest of the time I had to focus on getting myself down the mountain!

And afterward, a victory drink had by all.

I'm ready to go back, already. 
What a fun trip!



You all, it's GORGEOUS outside (on my side of town)...
I will be soaking up the last bit of the sunshine in exactly 1 hour and 49 minutes.

I hope you can too.


Cathedral Window Pillow - A Snow Day Project

You all, quilting is SERIOUS business.


Maybe the Superbowl is still on my mind, but does it not look a little Steelers-esque?  Not my intentions at all, haha.  I did use our bedroom curtains as inspiration and I think the pillow matches pretty closely (you can't quite tell from the photo, the yellow is really a lime color).  Honestly, I can't believe I completed this project.  My first, and probably last quilting endeavor.  Whew!  I blame most of my problems on the distraction of Gossip Girl & then Mamma Mia playing on TV while I was sewing.  "la, la, la" - oops.

Cathedral Window Pillow Tutorial - Part 1
Cathedral Window Pillow Tutorial - Part 2
Envelope Back Pillow Case


Today, I feel

…like releasing handfuls of colorful balloons to the gloomy skies in hope that they will bring a little cheer above and a little more cheer below, to us.  Aren’t they beautiful?

I heard on NPR this morning that 40 states are experiencing "record lows" this week.  Be safe, everyone.  


Snow Days

Oklahoma shuts DOWN during snowstorms.  People stack deep in line at the grocery store, gas stations, well, completely run out of gas, no one (the city) cleans the roads or streets, and everyone stays inside until it all melts away.

Thus far we:
had 'smores in the fireplace with friends
Rented movies
ate chili + cornbread
enjoyed cups of hot chocolate
and played outside with the pup- she loooooves the snow.

I know friends further north are having many more problems with the weather!  I'm so thankful they are doing okay.  Hang in there!