Churchill & Of Monsters and Men & Fun.

Live music is my thing.  My jam.  My happy place.

A friend told me about Of Monsters and Men earlier this year and I haven't been able to pull away from their album, My Head is an Animal.  Since Spotify has been around, it's noted that this band is one of my top played artists.  I love their quirky lyrics and big sound; they remind me a lot of Arcade Fire, so when I heard they would be in town, I immediately bought a ticket, no question.

I haven't been to a large concert like this in a really long time.. all ages, big arena.  It's not the exact setup I desire for live music, but I had to see this band, with kiddos and all.  (Though one girl next to me, probably 15 years old or so, said I looked like the lead singer.  I was flattered, I can't lie.)

Fun. was headlining and Churchill, a local Denver band, opened for Of Monsters and Men.  I hadn't heard many songs from Fun. besides their 2 big radio hits, both of which I enjoy a lot, but never put much more thought into them.

Of Monsters and Men were just as incredible as I hoped for, but you know what, Fun. absolutely stole the show for me.  And that's saying a lot, especially since I didn't even go for the headliner.  I couldn't believe how insanely good they were and the lead had this absolutely positive and enthusiastic aura about him.  Also, maybe the most beautiful person I've seen in real life.  I don't even know, he was movie star status lovely.  And smiled a whole bunch. 

I left at midnight, utterly exhausted from dancing the night away.  Went to a friend's house until 3am, and then finally hit the hay.  One of the best night's I've had in a long time.

Concerts feed my soul, I fell asleep that night feeling very full. 


  1. I love Fun.! Looks like such a good concert. :)

    1. I didn't realize how much I loved Fun. until this concert. Mind. Blown.

  2. I am digging these lights! Your adventurous posts are inspiring me to get out and do something...anything!

    1. My camera roll was so colorful from all these lights, it was like a party on stage.