Homebuyers, oh and I'm back!

A girl can be a little indecisive, right?  Isn't that in our nature or something?

Welllllll, Wordpress and I didn't work out, so I'm back on Blogger for now.  Really, it's not so bad. Blogger and I had a pretty good thing going for a very long time and I'm sure I can find a space here again (with a few changes of course).  So, here I am!  Again!  Yay!

Jumping right in.... we bought a house.  And already had a little house warming party.  What?!

Thankfully there is little to update/restore, but I can't wait to share the small DIY projects we plan to tackle along the way. I'm looking at you, Young House Love, for some major inspiration. 


  1. Love these photos! Glad to see you back :) Congratulations on the house!!

  2. welcome back! can't wait to read about all your DIY projects :)

  3. congrats new home owner! can't wait to see what you do with the place!

    and welcome back to blogger! you're right...it's not so bad around here. i'm certain you can make it work! ;)

  4. This is one Momma that's glad your back. Loved keeping up with you guys on this blog. I also can't wait to see what you do on the house. So glad that you have such a nice 1st home!