Sewing 101: Bloomers

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The bloomers are complete! 

The last few steps included casings for the elastic in both legs and waist.

...and cute little bows.

Things I learned:
  • Picking the appropriate material is huge.  I think I will go back with a cotton blend and give the pattern another try. I already have some cute polka dots in mind.  The silky material I used was pretty tricky business.
  • How to cut a pattern appropriately.  Really, I knew nothing going into this project!
  • What "casing" means. 
  • That I'm not a great Skype communicator when I'm sewing.  Like, at all.  Intense concentration folks!  But I did enjoy having a buddy working with me.
  • To make adjustments depending on my machine, which I think will be super important in my future sewing endeavors.  I love my mini Janome, but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles as most machines.  As Tim Gunn says,  "make it work"! And we did.  
What a fun project!