Sewing 101: Sewing Machine Cozy

My machine now lives on the table instead of a box!  I decided to make a little cozy to keep it protected from dust and such, and let's be honest, I just needed another project.

I thought I would pay homage to the first few fabric choices I've made by piecing the remains together in a quilt-like fashion to create the front and back of the cozy.  I didn't have a pattern, so I asked my wonderful sewing buddy to help with the measurements (she's such a pro!). I was a little off on the side panel measurements myself.  But hey, I made it and it serves a purpose and looks pretty darn cute.


  1. it's like a tiny fabric-quilted house! it turned out so great! perfect arrangement of the different patterns on the squares too, by the way.

  2. i know! i was pretty proud of the finished product, even with it's very large flaws.

    (funny that you like the pattern because i definitely sewed one strip upside down! you can see the flowered fabric is going diagonally left, and the others are going right. in the end, the cozy REALLY wanted to be different.)