Before & After

Yay!  Our co-shared blog was becoming a little one-sided.  Ryan is excited to share all the steps of the Crankshaft (or "crookshanks") Lamp Project.  And I'm kind of wondering what office they will be placed in since I transformed it into a crafting space instead - eek.  I'm sure we can place the lamps somewhere.

And speaking of transformations...

Our books need a new home.  A BIGGER, more comfortable, home so the search is on for a new bookshelf.  But instead of trashing my old one (it was a cheapy from Tar-Jay) I thought of a way to transform it into something we can use.  I added little bins (found on sale) and it's now located in the bedroom holding all our extras that won't fit in the small dresser.  Perfect!


  1. I think I see about 10 books I wanna take to Oz with me, HA! Maybe until their new home comes they can come stay with the babysitter (me) for a short bit?! ;)

  2. first things first, I love the new use of the shelf! So modern and cute! Hopefully the books will find a new home!

    second, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! In response to your comment on the 30 Days of Truth: Day 11 post, THANK YOU! I have been debating on whether or not I want to grow my hair out a little bit more or not, but to know that it looks okay as either long or short is encouraging :)

  3. Thanks to Sam's fab new interview feature, I got to discover this fun blog!

    *now following :)*

  4. You make it look sooo beautiful and modern!!Well done!!I love it!!