Sewing 101: Simple Skirt

Holy cannoli, I made a skirt!

And I learned the techniques needed from previous projects with Valerie, so it wasn't difficult at all to do by myself!  I took on this skirt over Christmas break while she was visiting her family.  I was also inspired by the 65(!) degree weather we had in OKC.

#1 hemming - fold, measure, press, sew
(from the groovy hostess apron project)

#2 casings & elastic
Check out those straight(er) lines!  
I've made progress since our first project together. 

The design is super simple - an elastic waistband, no pockets (though I want to learn), cotton material.  But, I like simple!  And I might go make 10 more.


  1. Look at you go!
    That skirt is adorable and you look pretty as always. I LOVE that pattern too. Congrats on the first skirt! Mucho success lol.

  2. CUTE! I really need to learn how to sew.... :)