attempting to // get my life (and our apartment) back in order from our recent travels

excited about // new season of SYTYCD.  Anyone else watching or have a favorite?  (here's mine)

listening to // Dave Barnes and reminiscing of the time this girl and I ran past the security gates at TCU (a college neither of us attended) to hear him live at their homecoming.

loving // after-work pool time with Ryan.

hating // pass out temperatures + humidity in Oklahoma.

looking forward to // 4th of July gatherings back home in a few weeks.

reading // last issue of my Real Simple subscription.  Should I resubscribe?!  It's sooo good.

stumbled upon // veggie bacon strips... oh man!

watching // My So-Called Life, a 90s classic, for the first time on Netflix.

spending time // with my head in the clouds, dreaming big about the future.


  1. I agree with your SYTYCD favorite. She looks exactly like someone I know but I can't figure out who! And Broadway guy annoys the crap out of me...

  2. Veggie and bacon should NEVER be together... it's blasphemy! :p


  3. Dylan - I think she looks familiar too! Who does she mind us of??

    Karine - you better believe it!

  4. i totally admire you for sneaking into a dave barnes concert - that is so rad, rad enough for me to use the term "rad", apparently ;)