Go ahead, take the plunge.

A trip up the ski lift - sans the skis
This is what we use to travel to the bottom?
The backward hat shows he's serious.
Always taking photos, even as I plummet to the ground.
Terrifying Signage
MADE IT!  (x2)
Heritage Square Alpine Slide in Goulden, Colorado

My family travels to Colorado at least once a year, if not more.  And on one of those travels, when I was much younger, my dad and I went down an alpine slide just like this one.  I remember before we took off, the gentleman at the top of the mountain said, "keep your arms inside or you'll end up with this" and then showed us this nasty burn.  I was wide-eyed.  But enjoyed the ride, with my arms tucked tightly by my side, with my dad. 

Once Ryan and I saw this alpine slide on our recent trip to Colorado I knew we had to ride it.  It was just as fun as I remembered.


  1. Taking pictures as you're coming down = serious blogger ;)


  2. Pro pho-tos. I naturally would have to test the limits of the vehicle from a speed and turning standpoint. This is a man's nature. It is also his downfall.

  3. we rode a couple of those on our yellowstone trip a few years ago - even my mom! SO fun.