Sunglasses Needed a Home

A copycat story...

I saw this sunglasses case while I was window shopping in Dallas last weekend.  It was only $10, but I really wanted to take a stab at it myself.. and hope that I could possibly make it cheaper! 

Freezer paper - $4.99
Paint - already owned
Paint brushes - $3.99
Leftover fabric - already owned
Iron - already owned
X-acto Knife and Scissors - already owned

Tutorial I used: Freezer Paper Stenciling  

1. trace image onto the freezer paper - use the dull side, 2. cut out image with X-acto knife, 3. iron the freezer paper to the fabric - shiny side to fabric, 4. paint!, 5. pull off freezer paper and marvel at your new creation, 6. iron over stencil with cloth between your fabric and iron (not pictured, but still important)

I then went on to sew the painted piece of fabric and a softer, fleece fabric to form a little pillow case shape for the sunglasses.  No tutorial for this part, I kind of made it up.  But you could use the previous steps for all types of things that require no sewing: t-shirts, baby onsies, tote bags, scarves, or place mats.

Now Ryan's sunglasses have a scratch-free home
Hey, not bad!  I only saved a dollar, but I had a lot of fun and have plenty of materials leftover for more freezer paper stencils in the future.  Oh the possibilities!


  1. Oh my gosh! LOVE this! Great job lady!

  2. Now my sunglasses have a home :)

  3. these are actually really cool looking, couldn't believe they were so cheap, insane!

  4. that's awesome, very cheap and I like the fact you made your own, cheaper and more creative :)

  5. That is really cool, I will have to try this myself :D

  6. At first I thought it was a real sunglasses. Still, this is really great. I might ask my wife to make me one.