Freezer Paper Stencils

My friend Stacy came over for a crafting party last Friday.  We made up a few designs for Baby Ella (here are the lil' booties I made last month for her too) and got to work on her painted onsies.  We wanted to take something extra special to her baby shower on Saturday.   Also, I had way too much fun with the freezer paper stencils last week that I had to share the fun with someone else! 

Tutorial: Freezer Paper Stenciling 

We decided on 4 different designs that all turned out pretty cute!  (well, we think!)  The baby elephant was clip art I found online, but the rest we free-handed. 

A few things we learned (that were not mentioned in the tutorial)
  • X-acto knife cutting is hard for everyone and sometimes it takes a couple tries
  • We used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process between paint layers
  • Glitter fabric paint is AWESOME
  • The "big reveal", when you peel the stencil from the shirt, is entirely terrifying.  But don't be scared because it really works!

For gifting, Stacy thought it would be fun to string the onsies together, like clothes on a clothesline, so when our friend pulled on the string hanging outside the bag, they would all come out together...
It worked perfectly too!

We are so excited to for the mom-to-be and can't wait to meet Baby Ella in a few weeks!


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  4. well done! I would definitely have one eye closed as I peeled off the for final reveal!