DIY: old candle jar to new container

Inspired by a recent Pinterest find, I decided to take on the simple project of turning my old candle jar into a reusable, wax free, container.

First step:  place the candle jar in your freezer for a few hours.  It actually makes the wax shrink away from the sides of the jar!  Who knew?

Second step:  use a knife to pick out the leftover wax.  It took 5 seconds, the old wax just slid right out.

Third step:  peel off the side and bottom stickers.  Then clean the jar with warm water and vinegar (the vinegar really helps the glass to shine). 

Fourth step:  put your new container to good use!  I decided on a new home for our Q-tips, they were a little difficult to grab under the sink among all the other clutter. 

Ta da!


  1. What a great trick! I have so many old candles that I don't know what to do with... Well now I know! ;)

  2. Holy CRAP - that's AWESOME!! I never would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing - I'm totally going to do this too!!

  3. Right?! And it was so easy, ladies!