Turban Headbands

A few weeks ago I was loving these turban headbands from Dottie Adele.  So much, that I purchased a couple! 

I'd say it makes for a pretty cute way to manage my unwashed hair.  That might seem gross, but I promise your hair will be happier if you don't wash it every single day (Real Simple Magazine told me so). And now there are comfy headbands to keep anyone from knowing anyway!

PS  looks like Valerie has a couple turbans left in her shop if you want to snag one up for yourself!


  1. ooh I wanted that pink polka dot one, but someone bought it up! It looks like it was you! haha so cute. I love that look!

  2. so this is probably about the cutest look ever. so perfect with your haircut!

  3. I have the pink polka dot one too-- Turban twinkies! And I agree with the others, adorable.