Oh my my how beautiful.

Crazy enough, we spent most of our time indoors this weekend...
  • A friend and I tried a new restaurant, Jelly U.  Of course we had to split jelly filled doughnuts after our already huge meal.  All said things were delicious.  
  • Ryan's family came into town and cooked us quite the feast. 
  • Nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like a Tofurky.. am I right?
  • Yes, Christmas lights and trees.  Already.
  • After walking Zia, I treated myself to a cafe' con leche.
  • Many hours basking in those beautiful sun rays.  
  • Listening to Jason Mraz.  A whole lot.  (thanks for that, Val)
  • Breaking Dawn: Part 2 -- whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.  


  1. sounds like a good weekend - and breaking dawn part 2, i can't wait!

  2. i knew you had been jason mraz-ing when i read the title!