On our scren lately: Documentaries (surprise surprise)

First Position - I must say that this documentary made me love the Aussie TV show, Dance Academy all over again.  First Position is centered around one of the biggest competitions in the ballet world -- the Grand Prix, which is where Dance Academy ended it's second season.  

This documentary follows the lives of 6 young dancers, their training schedules, support systems, family values, and relationships with other dancers (2 are bf + gf, and they are quite adorable and encouraging with each other).  

These kids are amazing, in every sense.  They have such a strong passion for dance and work incredibly hard to achieve their goal of working within a company.  

Really enjoyed this one!

No Impact Man - An ambitious project of a young family living in New York City to change their lifestyle in hopes to benefit of the environment and their overall carbon footprint.

For 1 year... they switched to cloth diapers, ate local & seasonal food, got rid of their personal vehicle, and eliminated any extra waste (no take out, ending magazine subscriptions, buying milk in reusable bottles, shopping in bulk bins at the grocery store, old clothes for rags instead of paper towels, etc. etc.).

I wish everyone would watch this documentary.  Not to necessarily jump on board with such an ambitious 1 year goal (though if so I would support you wholeheartedly), but to educate yourself about the environment and our huge HUGE impact on it, and then to take on any changes you feel you possible.  Every little bit helps, every individual can do something, and from my experience, the changes have a domino effect.. and that's a very good thing for all of us.  "Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much?"

Any good documentaries you've seen lately?


  1. Ooh I'll have to check these out! Jiro Dreams of Sushi was really interesting, and I heard Happy is really good.