The death of Google Reader, plus a move

Hi friends!
I've missed you!

Ah, this little blog, all mine for 6 years.  It had 3 titles, over 10 headers and many more template changes.  It evolved from stories of an unemployed college grad, a haven for wedding ideas, the joys of DIY and sewing, and lastly to adventures while living in Colorado.

And now, I'm not sure where it's going next, but I know that I need to take a step back and figure it out.  I want to find a more genuine voice and for whatever reason a new format seemed to be the solution.  The creative juices are flowing again!  I've been exploring Wordpress for the past month and eventually created a new space: https://mysimplestoryblog.wordpress.com/

It's a work in progress, some of the links don't work yet, etc., but I wanted to share it with you all before Google Reader dies (seriously, why are you doing this to us Google?). So bookmark my new space and we can still keep up with each other!  I'll be writing very soon, I hope. 

My love for Instagram is still going strong, so feel free to follow me there if you aren't already  @my_simple_story


  1. really a nice job! I wish you the best ;)

  2. I know what you mean!! I've been working the past hour organizing as many of the blogs that I read as I can into my google chrome bookmarks! (Best I could think of).. I have saved BOTH of your pages, so I will beable to keep in touch :)