Wine Cork Board

...like the before and after game on the Wheel of Fortune!  (wine cork & cork board)  Any other 20 something's watching that show?  No?  Awesome.

Well, I made one!
A cork board made from wine corks, that is.  And not just any wine corks, but corks from bottles of wine at the Mikles' wedding and many dinners and game nights there after.  I had this idea once I knew the amount of guests (a lot) that planned to attend their wedding and knew I could gather plenty of corks.  I finished right before Adam & Kirstie started their Cali adventure.  Perfect timing!  They were able to take a little bit of Oklahoma with them.

I started with a deep frame.  This was the hardest part -- I searched forever.  Thankfully, Target pulled through.  I put a piece of black paper behind the glass (for those pesky cracks between the corks) and started cement gluing all the corks in rows.  Add a little wire, beads, and raffia at the top.  And pin a few pictures.  and you're DONE!  It turned out great. 


  1. I watch Wheel of Fortune all the time! Oh, and cute idea!

  2. there is no age range for watching the mighty Wheel! also... dude that is snazy

  3. confession...i PLAY wheel of fortune on facebook during slow clinic hours :)

    love the corkboard...maybe i should drink more wine and make one ;)

  4. All: Thanks for the confidence! I'm glad I'm not alone in my Wheel of Fortune obsession.

    Jenny, er "me" (haha), thankfully we didn't have to drink all of that wine... there are about 45 corks on there! Whew. Get started and I'll help you along the way.

  5. I've seen a few cork projects before, but never a photo one. Very cool!