On the bookshelf: Fly Away Home

I must start by saying I've read every book by Jennifer Weiner.  If you are more of a movie fan and saw In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz you experienced Weiner too!  At least, in a way.  I really enjoyed her newest book - it wasn't my favorite (that would be Little Earthquakes - hilarious!), but I love the way she writes with all the detail in the world to make you feel as if you are right there with the characters, experiencing the things they experience too.  So in the end, it wasn't the story line that was captivating to me this time, but the characters that were created and the relationship I feel like I have with them now.  Clearly, I invest a lot in the books I read!

This was one of my first experiences with a down-loadable book as well.  I guess Kindle makes a program for your computer?  I had no idea.  But it was pretty handy to have right on my computer whenever I wanted to read. 

Next up?!
MOCKINGJAY which comes out on Monday night.  Yes, I will be in line to receive my copy.

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  1. Love Jennifer Weiner.
    I bet you'd like a Julie Crusie book as well. She writes 'similar' but just as entertaining. Have a great weekend in Dallas!