A Roadtrip to Dallas

Last weekend Zia, Ryan and I made our way to Dallas, TX.  It was an extra long ride since Zia was so very excited to see her friend Audrey.  Excited dog in a car = hell for the drivers.  She was bonkers.

After the puppies were united and playing, we set out for food and shopping.

First stop: Rusty Taco

This taco place really reminded me of Big Truck Tacos from home.  Cheap & delicious!  With a fun atmosphere.. and coke in a bottle! 

After lunch we made our way to IKEA(!).  As mentioned earlier, I bought a few things.  It was like a museum, in a way... you just wind your way around the store looking at different bedroom/bathroom/kitchen setups.  The thought that "I could buy all of this" didn't really cross my mind until we got downstairs where I found huge bins of cheap house-like things.  Then I sort of went nuts. 

Afterward, we were off to the outlet mall where we proceed to find that the parking lot was at it's max and security was outside forcing everyone to park on the street.  How is the parking lot full at an OUTLET mall?!  Well, it was tax free weekend.  Holy, insane.

This frightened me...

However, we all had a bit of luck and found at least one great deal - mine of course was at Gap, surprised?  Sadly, JCrew was a complete bust for all of us. 

Next Up: The Blue Fish
Where we got dressed all fancy.  And ate so. much. sushi.  We each ordered a roll and shared family style.  Of course sake bombs were involved.  Which I snicked a sip before the bomb process - it doesn't taste that great on it's own (in my opinion). 

"Sake, sake, sake, BOMB"

I ended the weekend with my friend, Jo.  We had bottomless mimosas and brunch at the Lemon Bar in West Village.  It was a cute little restaurant complete with a mimosa server.  No lie, her only job was to fill the glasses as full and frequent as possible.  Afterward we went on our movie date with Valerie (new york city) and Rachel (tulsa)! 

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