Where do we go next?

Planning is underway for the next annual girls' trip!  We're thinking some place... beachy.  In previous years we traveled:

San Francisco, CA in 2010
 Scottsdale, AZ in 2009

With many many trips in between (but those weren't our "official girls' trips").  Tricky, right?  We just like to travel, what can we say.  And love traditions!  We might have 1 more friend experience the greatness of the girl's trip with us next year, too.  We really hope to keep this tradition going for a very long time.

Ryan of course will take a "boy trip" to Colorado or New Mexico.


  1. I think it is cute how you girls (even being states apart) seem to always have the same fashion trends. In San Fran it was the loose scarves, in Scottsdale the over the shoulder bags, and remember your engagement party? You all showed up in floral! Great minds! Enjoy the trip!

  2. Agree with Kirstie.

    I vote Hawaii.
    And I also vote to be thrown in a suitcase to tag along. I won't be a nuisance, I swear!

  3. No wait, wait, wait... I changed my mind.

    You will have a place to stay, and the beach is 10 min from that place you would be staying {aka, my crib}.

    Food for thought.

  4. Indeed, there will be a MAN trip ;)

    You guys should go with the plan B from last year, Aspen. I know it's not a beach or warm but it is awesome.