Free tickets? We'll Take Them

"No, of course we aren't busy on a Sunday night and can come in such short notice!"

This was our first NBA game together and we were really excited.  Thankfully I had just bought this shirt last week or I would have had no blue clothes to support the team (remember, I'm just started branching out).

Now, if there are any Seattle readers out there, don't get hasty.  I know you all aren't too happy with the fact that we kind of stole your team.

When Ryan and I were on our honeymoon we met a lovely Washington couple at a winery and through conversation they found out we lived in OKC and within the next couple minutes of that conversation they let us know just how they felt about the NBA switch, haha.  The husband was sort of joking, but also sort of serious.  Sorry, folks!

So many happy fans in front of us cheering (nice things and not so nice things) like mad.  Hey, they were enthusiastic.  I like that.

At halftime, we saw little parachutes falling from the sky.  This went on forever.  But we didn't catch a t-shirt, or really come close.

I'd like to think so! 

 Well, then we started to loose.  And then people started to leave.  But true fans as we are, we stayed until the very end.

Thanks Cassie and Trace for the tickets!


  1. Only you would know what celebs were married/dating/caught with the players. haha

  2. I'm only adding to your game experience!

  3. It's important to be up to date on current things going on in our world Ryan.

    Very envious of the tickets! I want to go to a Thunder game so. stinkin'. bad.

  4. Glad you guys had fun! I love Thunder games. Doubt Eva was there... Apparently she just filed for divorce. Sad day :(

  5. Nicole - did she REALLY?! I hadn't heard that yet. Sad day indeed.