Sewing 102: Groovy Hostess Apron

That's right, sewing 102(!) - I've advanced, friends. 

Val and I cut the pattern and fabric last week and whipped up this cute lil' apron Sunday afternoon via Skype (she lives across the country, don't you just love technology?)  Also, I only messed up TWICE.  I love how calm Val stays while I freak out to the web cam.

Anywho... this is it:

I really like the fun fabric.  

A few changes to the pattern/instructions:
We choose 3 different fabrics instead of 2 (to spruce it up a bit more).  We added another pocket,  1 just wasn't enough, of course.  And if you want to make your apron REALLY special, cut the material right down the middle, like I did!  Yeah, that was mistake #1.  

I think it turned out really cute though, mistakes and all.


  1. I LOVE IT! I want one for myself, ha. Yes, with a cut down the middle and all.

    I think you just found some great Christmas presents there missy. Momma Gann and Grimm would love one custom made 'Kendra' apron I'm sure :)

  2. woo! looks good! and i really think the seam down the middle looks purposeful, not even kidding.

  3. I agree! looks like you did it to make it look unique :) those are SUPER cute girls! and I agree- great Christmas gifts :)

  4. thanks girls! i'm gathering fabric for christmas presents this weekend. hope everyone wants aprons, haha.

  5. I like the hammer loop addition. ;)