A Market Tote

The tutorial from Say YES! to Hoboken was easy to follow with lots of photos and arrows to guide you along.  I loved Liz's stripes, so I created my own with leftover fabric from the minimalist tote (stole your link, val!) and cathedral window pillow.  And the lining is from my first ever skirt.  Can a skirt and a tote bag share the same fabric?  I sure hope so.

Let's shop some Farmer's Markets!  I have a tote.


  1. AHHHHH!!!!!!
    I love this :) Seriously, look at you become a versatile little seamstress. A long way since the scarf and bloomer days. How exciting!

    AND: Your ring looks suuuuper shiny and pretty :)

  2. What a super nice tote bag! And the lining is gorgeous :)


  3. So impressive! Whats your favorite local farmers market? I want to get into Farmers Market shopping of my own this year.