The Civil Wars

We went to The Civil Wars concert last week at this little venue close to my workplace.  It was one of the few sit down concerts I've experienced and I wanted to get up and dance so many times!  I guess I'm just a move with the music kind of girl. 

They are a singer/song writer duo. I believe the woman, Joy Williams used to be a christian artist back in the day.  And the guy, John Paul White, looks incredibly similar to Johnny Depp, don't you think?!

They were incredible together and the chemistry was really there.


  1. you saw them live?! i am jealous!

  2. I'm glad you said something, I thought that was Johnny Depp! Looks like a really fun concert

  3. phil - they were SO GOOD live. much better than on their album, if you ask me. definitely see a concert if you get a chance!