House Sprucing

We signed a 6 month lease for our current apartment, almost a year and a half ago.  Needless to say, we thought it was going to be a short term stay.  Things haven't quite worked out like we planned, but we're enjoying our cozy little place in OKC for now with hopes of a move any time.

With the mindset of "we're moving soon", progress to decorate (with more than just a few pictures here and there) or buy new furniture was delayed until just recently.  I'm tired of the white walls!  And ready for some sprucing.  Artwork to come in a later post because this one is all about the sewing creations I've made in the past few weeks.

First up, pillows:

Nothing fancy about these guys, but the extra color alone really helps the living room.  I bought cheap-o pillows at Ross and covered them with material from fabric.com.  Without purpose, our entire apartment developed an "earthy" look.  The plan for the living room is warm tones, so yellows/reds/oranges/browns.  (An orange pillow is hiding on the other side of the sofa)

Second, a table runner:

This TV was a hand-me-down post college that we've continue to use.  Downside?  It's HUGE and brings plenty of scratch possibilities to the new furniture.  What once was an ugly brown sheet is now replaced with the yellow-floral-explosion-table runner.  It's a wonderful upgrade!  And we can remove it the moment a flat screen graces us with it's presence. The material is from Hobby Lobby and I used interfacing to make it a little more stiff and sturdy. 

Side note:  Friends almost always accompanies me while I sew.  My DVR queue is full of old episodes.

Cheers to making progress on the apartment!


  1. For some reason it was making me extremely happy that you were watching Friends when you took the picture. I love that show!
    I am also going for an earthy look in our apartment (but mostly our living room, since the other rooms aren't really decorated yet) and I love the colors. I also like to include a nice green in there.

  2. I love colorful pillows (like the yellow one), adds some 'pop' and some life into any room :)


  3. It looks great! You have such a cute style! I'm ready for a brighter livingroom decor for my apartment, so I'm loving all these great ideas!

  4. is ross asking rachel if she has something going on with mark?!

  5. thanks girls! i'm happy with them.

    val - YES, it's about to go down. "... no, take a break from.. us".

  6. i love the color combinations of the pillows! great work!

  7. Yeah for big microwave TV's! We have one too and we are also waitig for a modern flat screen to grace us with it's presence as well! Ooohhhh someday! Nice job on the pillows!