attempting to // not melt away on the walk from my workplace to the car.  It's quite a feat, I'm telling you.

excited about // a lunch out today - maybe Red Cup or Big Truck Tacos?  Two of my OKC favorites.

listening to // Lissie - I really can't get enough of this girl. Specifically the song, "Record Collector" because it makes me want to dance every time I hear it.

loving // Harry Potter.. still...

hating // the little gray bugs that killed our zucchini plans, arrrg. 

looking forward to // my mom visiting next week! 

reading // a really engaging book titled Sarah's Key, which I just saw a movie preview for too.  Not that I'm complaining, but what is with all the books made into movies these days?? 

stumbled upon // paint chip art.  cheap? interesting? crafty?  yes, please.

watching // too much reality TV + the Kennedy's miniseries on Netflix. 

spending time // in the pool as much as possible!

*Currently... in June.


  1. Visit my DIY area of my blog for my paint chip project I did. So cheap!

  2. Sarah's Key is a really good book. I like the way it is narrated. Have a box of tissues handy, though.

  3. Paint chip art?! I'm so looking into this more... Ive got a lot of blank walls to fill on a budget! :)

  4. Lissie is on in my car everyday.. love her! My favorite is probably Everywhere I go or Cuckoo haha, but I love them all! Her version of 'Pursuit of Happiness' is the best! And I read Sarah's Key a while ago and loved it! Can't wait to watch the movie too!