Thursday night in Denver

Denver Museum of Nature and Science -- Science Lounge part 2

The last Science Lounge we attended was all about outer space; this time we went on a scavenger hunt, Indiana Jones style. We had to solve puzzles at different stations within the museum, each time you answered correctly, you received a clue to find the ultimate treasure.  We were not quite as gung-ho as the other adventurers - I'm talking running through the museum - but we did eventually solve the puzzles, in a walking fashion, and felt pretty accomplished.  And yes, one of the challenges was digging a clue from a box of meal worms.  Sick.  Out.

adult beverages + a night at the museum + friends = a really great Thursday night in Denver. 


  1. i was very, very afraid you were going to say you had to EAT one of the mealworms...

  2. what a sophisticated evening! sounds like so much fun :)

  3. Wine at a museum sounds like my kind of museum!