One word: IKEA!

We wanted to take a trip to Ikea while my parents and their trailer were still with us in Colorado, so the day after moving in, we made it to the GIGANTIC home store. 

I’ve had the Expedit bookshelf on my mind for a really long time (I blame the lusting mostly to Pinterest which makes it oh, so easy) and since online shopping isn’t available, we drove to the new Denver location.  New location = crazy town, though we pressed on.

We bought the bookshelf plus a few other things for the new apartment.  Look at the excitement on my face!  It was a hugely successful trip.

Once we got home my dad and Ryan got to work on the bookshelf…

I’m in love.


  1. Sorry, but you might be a partial red neck if you shop at IKEA with a stocktrailer! Ha ha we made it anyway!

  2. I love me some IKEA! About 90% of the furniture I own is from there... & sometimes we go just to browse (for hours!)

  3. I am almost laughed out loud on a conference call when I saw your picture of excitement.

  4. I love LOVE it!! Now all that's left is to decorate :) And from the pictures, your new place looks pretty awesome!

  5. Oh my gosh - I LOVE your expression in Ikea!! LOL! That is totally how I would look too. I still haven't been yet, and I'm scared to go because I know I'll spend WAY too much money!