Back in 20

Around 11:45 today, I realized I forgot my lunch at home and immediately felt bummed.  I love brown bagging it, so I can sit in my little office, "work through lunch" and leave early.  It's the best!

Or so I thought...

Knowing nothing about my surroundings, I asked around the office for some eatery recommendations within walking distance, and set off. 

Look at all the beauty I found on the way!   

The sun is shining, students out and about on campus, laughter, puppies, the wind blowing my hair around into a mad mess.  It was ah-mazing! And completely worth the extra 20 minutes I'll stay at work today.

So, I've now decided a bit of time each week out of the office is the really the "best".


  1. dude.... you left out the most important part. DID YOU FIND FOOD?!

  2. oh yeah! clearly i was distracted by the sun and other very ordinary elements. YES - thai noodles, mmmmmmmm.

  3. How fun!

    I commute from Norman to OKC (you know the area), and when I get to a certain point and realize I've left something at home...forget it, no turning back. Cell phones are no exclusion.

    How fortuitous that you forgot your lunch, you would have missed out on some sights!

    Thai noodles: unstoppable!