Finally got a new library card! That's right, a library card before a new state driver's license... Priorities.

It's only the second card I've owned since my early reading days in elementary school, when I was fighting so hard to fill up my Book it! pin for a free mini pizza.

Anyone remember that reading program with the psychedelic Pizza Hut pin that changed colors when you moved it side to side and had little gold stars at the top?

Clearly it was important to my little self, I still remember it so vividly.


  1. Ah, yes! I too did the read for Pizza Hut thing! Loved it. And I think your priorities are in perfect order :)

  2. I remember telling you how excited I was when I got mine awhile back. Library cards are exciting business!

  3. I would give up my Visa or Master Card before my library card. One of the greatest things ever and it's free!

  4. A girl with her priorities straight, mad respect! Go get your read on!