On the bookshelf: Fall finds

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass - Classic novels from Lewis Carroll that I just read for the first time.  I really enjoyed the simple stories of little Alice and her big imagination.  Both books follow her through the mysterious wonderland, accompanied with new found friends and a few foes.  It was really great reading the original story of Alice in Wonderland that we have heard in various forms many times.  Bonus:  the novel I bought included both stories AND had interesting footnotes that told of Carroll's various meanings behind each poem or phrase.  I brought a wealth of knowledge to my first book club gathering!

Sweet Little Lies - The second novel from Lauren Conrad that was just as entertaining, if not more, than the first.  The fictional story follows Jane and her life as a reality starlet, with the highs and lows of being placed in the Hollywood limelight.  Yep, still sounding like The Hills to me.  I've passed it along to Val, then onward to Sam.  I hope they like the breezy read as much as I did!

The Shadow of the Wind - An incredible mystery that circles around a book, titled Shadow of the Wind (confusing right?), that a young boy named Daniel discovers in a cemetery of forgotten books.  The story unfolds chilling secrets of romantic affairs, tragedies, family struggles, and friendship.  Quickly, Daniel's story and the stories of the Shadow of the Wind begin to connect in haunting ways.  The writing and imagery are beautiful; even though I've never been to Barcelona, I feel like I know it so well after reading this novel.  The entire book club group enjoyed it and now want to read more from Zafon. His writing and storytelling is superb!

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  1. I LOVE The Shadow of the Wind! So beautiful, and interesting. I read it earlier this summer, and have been praising it since. :)