attempting to // drink a smoothie for breakfast instead of a cup of coffee.  Let's be real, the cup of coffee comes right after the smoothie, but it's not the very first thing I have in the morning anymore. 

excited about // upcoming adventures this year!  We have a couple friends coming to visit next month and our annual girls' trip coming up soon after. 

listening to // the Head and the Heart -- still

loving // life.  I made a few challenges for myself this year; to tackle my worrying (aka stop it!), to live in the moment, and to be more accepting of others for who they are, not who I want them to be.  I feel a lot more relaxed these days.  And happier.

hating // how tired I am after work.  Where do you find the extra energy to work out, prepare dinner, or go out with friends?  Where?!

looking forward to // camping in the springtime. Doesn't the photo above look magical? 

reading // a graphic novel called Habibi.  I've never read a graphic novel before, but I'm pretty sure it's just a fancy comic book.  I'll report back as soon as I'm finished. 

stumbled upon // this video.  Now I want to record my every move in hopes that I could put together something half as cool as he did.  It's so simple, and incredibly beautiful at the same time.

watching // The Wonder Years (!) on Netflix, with Portlandia next in queue. I've heard great things about this show!

spending time // in the kitchen lately.  We whipped up a few recipes this week that turned out really good!

*Currently... in June
*Currently... in August
*Currently... in November



  1. 1. I did attempted the smoothly instead of coffee last week, key word attempted. I wish you luck.
    2. Geoff is in love with Portlandia, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.
    3. That eggplant dish looks amazing!

  2. The picture really is magical! I want to go to there. I MUST go to there.

    Portlandia is a favorite of mine. Sometimes I say to myself "What on earth is happening in my television right now?" but then I just got with it.

    Love Head and the Heart! Woo hoo Seattle bands!