Old to New(ish)

A before & after tale:

My mom found these old windows in my Gran's barn a few years ago and hauled them, skeptically, back home for me to pick up.  She thought I was crazy, and maybe I am, but I really love the windows, worn with stories and fond memories, I'm sure.  And I love they are my Gran's.
Monday, I finally found time to clean them up a bit and hang them on the wall.  So I went out and bought the finest grain sandpaper I could find and a can of shelack to give the windows a bit of shine after they were cleaned.

I hung them both proudly above the "dinning table", a little high in hopes we get a pub table and chairs very soon.

All clean and fresh!  Can't beat a frame with old windows, an antique chair, and a mason jar of fresh flowers!  So happy.


  1. You are so crafty. Wish Gran could see these. Mom