New digs: 5 months later

We haven't made a whole lot of progress on the apartment since October , so I really wanted to use a few days from my holiday break to work on the main living spaces.  And with a couple of after-Christmas shopping deals, we managed to cross everything off the list!

Focusing on the living room, we made 5 goals when we moved in:
  • Curtains
  • Larger lamp for the side table
  • Perfect my Expedit (bookshelf) decorating
  • More throw pillows
  • Wall art

So, here's the before...

And after!

oooooh, aaahhhhhh!

For months, I looked online for prints and had pretty great success, though there are two standout pieces on the shelves that mean so very much to us.  First, my favorite is the wedding dress sketch my bridesmaids had made for me.  It's a reminder of my unique dress, and the special day I wore it, and all the love that the girls continuously poured out to me.  The second would be a map of Yosemite where Ryan and I enjoyed part of our honeymoon; a reminder of our first trip as husband and wife, where we had so. much. fun.

So, the shelves are filled, curtains are up, lamp purchased (thanks to an after-Christmas sale), & fluffy pillows adorned the sofa.  It's really feeling like home around here.


  1. It looks great, I love the pictures on the shelves! We are in our apartment 6 months now and just finally purchased a rug.

  2. solid work! i love how you're setting goals for your home and then actually achieving them, haha. And of course, i'm pretty partial to that wedding dress drawing...we were SO excited to get that for you!

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  4. Oh wow - it looks awesome!! I can't wait to see it in person at Book Club! :)

  5. that sketch of your wedding dress is such a wonderful gift. I might steal that idea for my friend.