Muddy Trails Ahead

The sign read:
Muddy Trail Conditions -- poor.

On Saturday I experienced the feeling of 10 extra pounds, added to the bottom of my feet, as we hiked for 8 miles.  Talk about a motivational experience.  Even though the trail conditions weren't the best, we all enjoyed the sunshine beating down on our skin, the cool breeze blowing in our faces, and the stunning views.  It was probably 45 degrees or so, but the bright sun really made up for the chilly temperatures.  And afterward, the dogs were exhausted.  Kendra 1, Zia 0, the little stinker.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure of the trail name! But it was right off of hwy 93 on the south side of Boulder. It was a great trail, pups invited, and pretty secluded.

  2. This looks amazing! Wishing I were there right about now.

  3. Dang, you weren't kidding about the mud! Haha! That's great when you can wear out those energetic doggies. Just wait 'till summer when we can get you on some rollerblades with the pup... ;)

  4. Gosh, I can't wait to have adventures like this in Washington. For real. I need mountains!