As mentioned on Friday, I had a little date night with Pinterest this weekend.  Since Valentine's Day was right around the corner, I went with this inspiration photo for my first project.  She already used my favorite colors, so I pretty much followed suit.

First, a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy cardboard letters (on sale!) and yarn (on sale!)...

And then I went to work (using this tutorial as a quick guide)...

The letters took a lot more time than I expected.  Especially the 'O' since the whole pack of yarn wouldn't fit through the small hole; I had to pull a bunch of yarn from the pack, attempt to wrap it around into a smaller ball shape, and then wrap the letter.  As you can see, my cat Penny was a big help in this process.  Not. The stereotype is true, cats love yarn.  

how do i make a gif

While watching Pretty Woman on TV (thanks ABC Family), the letters slowly were covered.

And then like that, I was finished!
Placed happily in the guest room. 
Not bad, Pinterest, not bad at all.


  1. So cute! A Valentine's project that you can leave up all year, too!

  2. You did such a good job! I wrapped a letter C with yarn& it didn't turn out that cute. Ah well!