Why hello, bright red pants.

We ventured to the outlet malls this past weekend during Valerie's visit, and let me tell you, they are too close for comfort!  When I lived in Oklahoma, we had to drive down to Texas to hit a good outlet mall, though right before I left, Oklahoma City scored their very own.  Point is: outlet shopping was never convenient (which was great for my checkbook)... until now.

We spent hours shopping.  It was awesome.

And somehow I left with only one little bag, filled happily with these bright red jeans from GAP. 

Even though I already own canary yellow pants, I was a tad hesitant about these. But with a little inspiration help I've found around the web, I think I'm going to rock me some red pants!

What do you all think about the bright colored jean trend?


  1. I love this trend!! (just blogged about bright colored jeans today, too!)

  2. I love these! I am a lower half color phobe - if you looked in my closet you'd find way too many neutrals! Maybe this Spring I will have to embrace this trend and switch things up.

  3. I love this outfit... for some reason tho, I just can't see myself in colored pants. dont know why, i think they are adorable on everyone else... lol

  4. I think I would have appreciated it if those pants had fit me too and I could have a pair!