Rock Climbing: Clear Creek Canyon

We ended the weekend with outdoor rock climbing near Clear Creek Canyon. It was a beautiful, sunny day so after climbing up 2 routes, I decided to lay in the sun and cheer on our friends.  I'm a better cheer leader than I am a climber anyway.  

While I was laying on the rock below, I closed my eyes and listened to my surroundings.  Below me, a river flowing wildly, people clipping in out, which created this definite "click, click, click" sound, soft chatter, and loud "YES!" and "AMAZING JOB!" whenever someone surpassed a difficult spot on the wall.

I opened my eyes, looked around, and smiled. 

I was surrounded by amazing scenery and a great community of people.  It's such a treat to only drive 30 minutes for a solid afternoon of (free) climbing among encouraging company. 


  1. Looks incredibly beautiful and fun!

  2. Ahh I need to go back! It's so beautiful and you look insanely happy and relaxed!!